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Martinez Shocks Marie, Becomes New PPW Women's Champion

By: Scott Fineout

Neither Christina Marie or her challenger, Mercedes Martinez, had much time to prepare for their match last weekend. For Marie, the prior three weeks had been spent watching tape of Kaitlyn, trying to put together a strategy for her match at PPW Throwdown on 5th Street with the former WWE Diva's Champion. The only problem for Marie was that she would be preparing all month for the wrong WWE competitor.

For Martinez, a change in her hectic schedule that would take her an hour and a half away from her original destination of New York, landed her in Hazleton for a showdown with the reigning PPW Women's Champion. It was an opportunity that she would tell PPW Online she was waiting on since the inception of the PPW Women's Division.

Changes in the schedule had happened just days before PPW's Throwdown on 5th Street.

Kaitlyn had informed PPW management only days before the show that she had injured her ankle and would be unable to appear at PPW's event last weekend. This left PPW Management to find a replacement for the PPW Women's Champion. That replacement would end up being former NXT and Mae Young Classic competitor Mercedes Martinez.

It was Martinez that answered the call last weekend and shocked the fans in attendance by defeating Christina Marie in the middle of the ring by submission. It was a result that left the fans stunned and the former PPW Women's Champion grabbing her shoulder in the middle of the ring.

For Marie, the PPW Women's Championship has been the sole reason for her coming to Hazleton. After chasing Allie Recks for the PPW Women's Championship last year and finding herself on the losing end of two matches before finally defeating her, Marie has shown that she is a determined competitor. She's willing to go through hell, be patient, and wait her turn to get what she felt was hers.

Now that Marie has had a taste of the championship we doubt she will be as patient, and that is something that could spell problems for the new PPW Women's Champion.


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