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Martinez to Defend Against Recks

By: Mitchell Frantz

Mercedes Martinez has only ever appeared in PPW once, but made an immediate and lasting impression on not just the PPW Nation, but also the record books.

The heavily tattooed Martinez came to PPW as a last minute replacement, and challenged Christina Marie for the PPW Women's Championship. To the surprise of the PPW Nation, Martinez tapped Christina out on the middle of the ring and became just the fourth woman to ever hold the PPW Women's Championship.

The first ever champion, however, was none other than the leader of the Rebelution, Allie Recks. It has been a while since PPW has seen Recks in action, but will be reintroduced to the current champ with a major opportunity ahead of her - to win the PPW Women's Championship.

The New Jersey native has always been one of the most beloved figures in PPW, spends a lot of time with fans before and after each event. With such a grassroots following behind her, the blonde competitor will look to become the first ever 2-time PPW Women's Champion.

Will she be able to do so? Or will Martinez continue to reign over the division?

Find out THIS SATURDAY as PPW presents Destiny! Get your tickets now at! The event starts at 7 and the meet and greets begin at 5 for TJP, Summer Rae and Martinez!


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