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Mixed Tag Match Set for Let It Roll

By: Mitchell Frantz

Let It Roll is quickly approaching, and PPW offices have just learned of another huge match set to take place. Mr. James and AEW star The Librarian Leva Bates will team up to take on Foxx Vinyer and Dani Mo!

While never tagging together before, both teams on paper seem to mesh well. As a teacher, Mr. James is teaming with someone else who looks to educate people on The Librarian. The difference comes in the fact that while James likes to give out gold stars, Bates would much rather have people be quiet.

Speaking of quiet, that is definitely not a good term to explain the pairing of Foxx Vinyer and Dani Mo. Wearing bright colors, eccentric face paint and an undeniable charisma, “Firework” Foxx is one of the loudest people inside and outside of the ring in PPW. His crazy hair and mannerisms are a complete 180 from someone like Leva Bates. Not to mention, he defeated Mr. James and Richard Holliday last month to advance to the next round in the PPW Heavyweight Championship tournament, which this writer is sure James has not forgotten.

Not to be outdone, Dani Mo initially made her mark in PPW as the manager to the beloved Facade. With Facade involved in a first round match in the PPW Heavyweight Championship tournament, “The Neon Blonde” will bring all the spunk and spray paint she can in what is arguably the biggest match in her young career, squaring up against a former PPW Heavyweight Champion and an AEW star.

Will the experience of James and Bates prevail? Or will the exciting team of F2V and Dani Mo pick up the victory?

Find out on Sunday, July 17th when PPW presents "Let It Roll"! Set to appear and be in action are Gangrel, Victoria and Drama King Matt Morris! Also set to appear are Facade, Afa Jr., PPW Women's Champion Christina Marie, PPW Tag Team Champions The Sambo Show, PPW Television Champion Andy Header, PPW No Limits Champion Isaak Ruhl, Desean Pratt, Breaux Keller, Rembrandt with Cosmic, Joey Martinez, Bull Hightower, Nolo Kitano, Chris Slade and more! Tickets are available now at and are going fast, so get yours today! The front row is already sold out. Let It Roll will take place at the Signature Training Academy in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania.


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