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MLW Star Faces IMPACT Star at VIII

By: Mitchell Frantz

It will be MLW versus IMPACT Wrestling at PPW VIII, as Major League Wrestling star KC Navarro takes on former X-Division Champion Ace Austin!

KC Navarro is a fan favorite in PPW. The “Truly Blessed” competitor has established himself as a main event player, despite not fitting the stereotypical mold for a main eventer. With that being said, the Miami native has bulked up a considerable amount since he first arrived in PPW in 2018. The 22-year old prodigy recently signed a deal with MLW, proving that he truly is one of the best in the world, no matter what size.

His opponent, Ace Austin, is also consistently around the main event picture in IMPACT. The former X-Division Champion always seems to be lingering around the IMPACT Heavyweight Championship picture, and it seems like a matter of when and not if he becomes champ.

These two have a history dating back years ago. Since they last met, the pair have racked up numerous champions across the United States. Both are just scratching the surface of their potential, but only one can come out victorious.

Which competitor will leave with bragging rights for his company? Find out the answer on Saturday, September 11th when PPW turns VIII! Scheduled to be in action includes former WWE stars Matthew Adams (fka Buddy Murphy), CazXL, nZo, Juventud Guerrera, Mercedes Martinez, Afa Jr. and Noah Kekoa (fka Kona Reeves), AEW star Fuego Del Sol, Impact Wrestling stars Rachael Ellering and Ace Austin, former MLW star Kaci Lennox, “The Neon Ninja'' Facade and Dani Mo, PPW Women’s Champion Adena Steele, PPW Television Champion Andy Header, PPW No Limits Champion Rembrandt with Cosmic and Seaton, PPW Tag Team Champions The Sambo Show, “All Energy” Breaux Keller, “The Closer” Joey Martinez with Mr. Ruda, JT Dunn, Encore, The Mane Event, South Philly’s Finest, Project Mayhem, Christina Marie, “The Prince of Camden” Desean Pratt and more! Tickets are available at!


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