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Moran Eyes Gold Against King

By: Mitchell Frantz

Johnny Moran has quietly built up a huge resume in PPW.

"The Son of Scranton" is a former PPW Tag Team Champion and won the No Limits Championship when the gold was reintroduced to the PPW Nation at Super Show in 2018. Couple that with a ton of quality wins since his debut in 2016, and Moran has clearly accomplished a lot in Hazleton. The next championship he desires is none other than Jason King's PPW Television Championship.

"The Devil's Favorite Reject" will more than welcome the challenge of Johnny Moran, considering the fact that Moran runs around with Ryan Race and the rest of Undeniable. King's issues with the Race and company have been long stated. Taking into account that Moran is one of the few members of Undeniable that the champion has yet to beat, not to mention King was attacked by Moran back in November at Vision, and all of the makings of an intense match are there.

Except, King may be distracted by a certain billionaire. Charles Mason was a guest commentator on this past week's High Voltage, and was very intrigued by King's valet/girlfriend, Penny Lane. "The Billionaire Playboy" kept asking about her on commentary and even struck King with the TV Championship, which led to the champion's elimination during the Tag Team Rumble. Mason had his eyes on the prize, but in his eyes, Penny Lane was who he was trying to win over, not the Television Championship. Jason King certainly had to notice all this happen, and will certainly be looking for retribution after he deals with Johnny Moran.

Will King be able to take out another member of Undeniable in Moran? Will "The Son of Scranton" add another championship to his growing resume in PPW? Will King lose sight of Moran and focus his energy on getting retribution against Charles Mason? Can Mason win Penny Lane over?

There a ton of questions that will be answered on Saturday, July 20th, when PPW presents Heat Blast! Also appearing live will be Kelly Kelly, Dean Malenko, Facade, PPW Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez and all of your favorite PPW stars. Order your tickets now at!


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