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Morris Arrives in PPW to Face Martinez

By: Mitchell Frantz

“The Drama King” Matt Morris (formerly known as Aiden English) will make his PPW debut at the Signature Training Academy in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania against “The Closer” Joey Martinez.

Morris has made his name in WWE, known for his time alongside Rusev (now Miro in AEW) as well as during his partnership with Simon Gotch as a member of The Vaudevillains. In the latter, Gotch and Morris were able to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships.

While Martinez is a relatively new face to PPW, he made quite the impression, defeating Bull Hightower and Prince Noah to advance to the next round in the PPW Heavyweight Championship tournament. His egotistical swagger certainly rubbed fans the wrong way, but his winning ways are certainly no joke.

Will Morris knock off the surging Martinez at Let It Roll? Or will Martinez continue his winning ways, this time against a former WWE star?

Find out on Sunday, July 17th when PPW presents "Let It Roll"! Set to appear and be in action are Gangrel, Victoria and The Liberian Leva Bates! Also set to appear are Facade and Dani Mo, Afa Jr., PPW Women's Champion Christina Marie, PPW Tag Team Champions The Sambo Show, PPW Television Champion Andy Header, PPW No Limits Champion Isaak Ruhl, Desean Pratt, Breaux Keller, Mr. James, Rembrandt with Cosmic, Joey Martinez, Foxx Vinyer, Bull Hightower, Nolo Kitano, Chris Slade and more! Tickets are available now at and are going fast, so get yours today! The front row is already sold out. Let It Roll will take place at the Signature Training Academy in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania.


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