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Navarro and Pratt to Team Up Against Gangone and Amazing Red

By: Mitchell Frantz

KC Navarro and Desean Pratt have faced each other before, but have never teamed up in their time in Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling.

It is fitting, however, that the two team up given how similar they are to each other.

It was only a few years ago that Desean Pratt was in the exact situation The Skyreaper finds himself in now. Pratt was the electrifying upstart who was starting to make waves in independent wrestling, which is exactly what Navarro is doing currently.

Pratt will look to bestow some of the knowledge he has earned over the years into Navarro in their match against Amazing Red and Anthony Gangone at PPW Juiced.

What Red and Gangone have that Navarro and Pratt don’t is experience teaming together. The men have teamed up in other promotions and have a sense of comfort with each other. This advantage will be key as The Prince of Camden and Navarro will need to gel quickly while Red and Gangone won’t have such growing pains.

With all of the men involved employing a lightning quick offensive repertoire, the competitors will all be fairly evenly matched. Amazing Red has the most impressive resume, however, as the Puerto Rican native is a former X Division Champion.

The key factor will be which team can able to operate the smoothest. As of now, Gangone and Red hold that advantage; however, with Pratt and Navarro having such similar careers thus far, their similarities may just be enough to carry the duo to victory.

At the same time, after Pratt’s shocking attacks on Impact star KM following their match at New Beginnings, will Navarro be open to the idea of trusting The Prince of Camden? Or will The Skyreaper acknowledge it as Pratt simply wanting to make a statement to PPW management?

The only way to know for sure is to come check out the action at in Hazleton, PA at the Holy Family Academy. Tickets for Juiced are available now at and will be available at the door on the day of the show, February 16th.


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