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Navarro Gets Opportunity to Face Cage

By: Mitchell Frantz

What Sebastian Cage did to his former friend at PPW Resistance in December is practically unspeakable to some.

"The Litt Superstar" seemed to be helping Navarro score the victory in the biggest match of his PPW career to that point, going one-on-one with PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams for the gold. With Clutch down in the center of the ring, Navarro climbed up to the top rope, a place he has dazzled the PPW Nation from throughout his career.

Suddenly, Cage blasted KC with a chair shot to his back, causing the "Truly Blessed" superstar to crumble to the floor and allow for Clutch to retain.

With December still fresh in Navarro's mind, and Cage becoming jealous of his former friends success, a collision course between the two was inevitable. The date for the contest is set, and it will go down on Saturday, February 15th at PPW Countdown.

Will Navarro be able to get revenge on the man who ruined his chance to become PPW Heavyweight Champion? Or will Cage prove to everyone that he should be getting the opportunities that KC has been getting?

Come join us to find out the answer to these questions on February 15th when PPW presents Countdown! Set to appear are The Headbangers, "The Neon Ninja" Facade, PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams, "The Prince of Camden" Desean Pratt, "All Energy" Breaux Keller, PPW Women's Champion Christina Marie, PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran, Evander James, Charles Mason, The Sambo Show, PPW Tag Team Champions The Mane Event, SPF and more! Tickets are available now at!


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