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Navarro Picks Up Major Victory Over Swann, Pratt

By: Mitchell Frantz

KC Navarro is one of the brightest young stars in professional wrestling today. This was proven in an absolutely thrilling matchup between him, Desean Pratt and reigning X-Division Champion Rich Swann.

Desean Pratt was added late to the match due to his issues with KC Navarro stemming from their tag team match at Juiced. During the match, Pratt seemed disinterested in his partner throughout and at one point hopped off the apron and completely abandoned KC. Navarro was later interviewed and was completely torn on the inside about his partner’s actions, as he always saw Desean as someone he looked up to. To have one of his idols turn his back on him hurt Navarro deeply, but also fueled the fire for Navarro to want to get his hands on “The Prince of Camden”.

When the match began, Swann and Navarro formed a brief alliance to remove Pratt from the equation and give fans the advertised one on one match. The two proved to be equals, with Navarro keeping up with the lightning quick X-Division Champion step for step. When “The Prince of Camden” was reintroduce in the contest, however, things really started to pick up.

The action was so fast and so dizzying that the PPW Nation barely had time to catch their breath before another electrifying move occured. When the dust settled though, it would be KC Navarro who scored the upset victory by pinning the X-Division Champion in the center of the ring following a reverse frankensteiner.

After the match, Rich Swann grabbed a microphone and sang KC Navarro’s praises, even going as far as to call “The Skyreaper” a “future X-Division Champion” in a phrase that caused the PPW Nation to erupt.

When Swann left the ring, however, Desean Pratt attacked Navarro from behind and continued to beat down on KC until Rich Swann reentered the ring to chase “The Prince of Camden” away.

With the heinous attack on “The Skyreaper” at the hands of Pratt in consecutive months, all signs point to problems between the two of them being far from over. There were plenty of hug it out chants going around the arena for the pair at Juiced following the match, but only time will tell if Navarro can truly win over Pratt’s respect or if the Camden, New Jersey native will always see KC as an ungrateful millennial.

KC’s monster victory helps point to the former, but then again, the resentment Pratt feels towards “The Skyreaper” may be enough to prevent that from ever happening.

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