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Next No Limits Champion to be Decided in a Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

After the heartbreaking news about Majestic Noah (for more information, click here), the PPW No Limits Championship was forced to be vacated.

What was one man’s loss is another man’s gain however, which is exactly what a handful or wrestlers plan on doing at PPW Juiced.

One of the men who has to be a favorite is John Wes. The Iron Outlaw is already the current PPW Television Champion, and has the opportunity to do something unprecedented and hold two PPW Championships at once.

Another man who will be among the favorites is Victor Andrews. Mr. Everything was teaming up with former No Limits Champion Majestic Noah these past few months before the untimely injury. Andrews would love nothing more than to win the championship for not only himself, but for his tag team partner as well.

Charles Mason is another name to keep an eye on. Mason comes from a royal family and has inherited a ton of money from his lineage. In addition to his riches, Mason would love to add the PPW No Limits Championship to his collection.

A wild card in the match has to be Trajan Horn. Horn’s name is unfamiliar to fans of Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling, which makes him all the more dangerous. The uncertainty surrounding him could be enough to propel into a surprise victory.

The final name that has been announced is The Squire. The Squire is King León the 6th’s manager who has never competed in a PPW ring. If The Squire can pull off the unthinkable and win the Battle Royal, it will be interesting to see if the King of Beheadya is proud of his trusty servant, or if jealousy that The Squire is a PPW Champion before León gets the best of the King.

Will one of these men win, or will somebody show up by surprise and take home the prestigious No Limits Championship? Will any surprise stars pop up and appear in the battle royal?

One thing is for sure though: Majestic Noah will be watching this match very closely to see who he will try to win his championship back from when he fully recovers.

Find out who the next No Limits Champion will be on February 16th at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton, PA. Tickets are on sale at as well as will be available at the door on the day of the show.


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