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Orlando Looks to Bounce Back Against Richard Holliday

By: Mitchell Frantz

Mike Orlando had the PPW Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

Sean Carr was pinned underneath of the ladder Orlando was climbing up. The other four competitors were all lying outside of the ring. There was nothing stopping The Green Machine from become champion once again.

That is until fatigue really started to kick in. Orlando unlatched the championship but it slipped right into the waiting arms of Sean Carr, allowing the Hybrid to emerge from the Holy Family Academy as still the champion.

Orlando was right on the doorstep of joining Tommy Suede as the only 3-time PPW Heavyweight Champion. With the crushing loss, Orlando must move to the back of the line and wait for an opportunity to become the number one contender again.

That opportunity all starts with a man who has already beaten Sean Carr before, Richard Holliday. The Most Marketable Man in Wrestling last made an appearance in Hazleton at Trust No One in October, knocking off Johnny Moran in singles action. Holliday has had a ton of success in PPW, winning all three of his matches with the company, including that key victory over Sean Carr.

Holliday typically uses his strength to bully fellow wrestlers around but will have a much more difficult time doing so against the 6’5”, 275-pound Orlando. With the size advantage following to Orlando, it will be interesting to see if the 6’3”, 238-pound Holliday decides to change up his gameplan.

With Richard Holliday being undefeated in PPW and Orlando hit a stretch of two consecutive losses, will that get into the Green Machine’s head? What other psychological warfare will Holliday put Orlando through to score a victory? Can Orlando recover from such a heartbreaking loss at New Beginnings?

All of these questions and more will be answered when Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling hosts Juiced on February 16th. Tickets are available at or will be available at the door on the day of the show.


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