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PPW Gearing Up for Return

By: Mitchell Frantz

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening up in Pennsylvania, PPW is ready to resume wrestling once more!

While an official date in not yet confirmed, PPW officials are hoping for the first show back to occur in June. There is no word on whether or not the Holy Family Academy will remain the site of the first show, but there is optimism in the air regardless.

In the year since the pandemic, a lot has changed. The PPW Heavyweight Championship is currently vacated. Standout PPW talents such as The Mane Event, KC Navarro, Cody "Pres10" Vance and others have been featured on AEW programming. Richard Holliday is a full time member of the Major League Wrestling roster. Plenty of other PPW mainstays are beginning to get looks at more promotions.

With a stacked roster that is always on the top of their game, PPW looks to opens its doors to fans for the first time since February of 2020. Stay tuned with official announcements of the venue, time, date, place and all the other must-knows for the first show back since the pandemic.


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