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By Scott Fineout

PPW High Voltage is new this Sunday at 8PM on the PPW Facebook and Youtube pages.

This week the Punk Rock All Stars (with Delilah) take on the newest PPW team in former PPW Heavyweight Champion Samuel Adams and the former PPW Television Champion Syler Andrews. The duo, collectively known as “Sambo” debuted during the PPW Tag Team Rumble to declare the new PPW Tag Team Champions. Although the match was ultimately won by Sent 2 Slaughter, Sambo had a strong showing and look serious for contention for a title shot in the future if the momentum continues.

Elsewhere, Foxx Vinyer sent his manager Delilah to the back last month. Tom Mitchell attempted to get a word with Vinyer before leaving the building last month but was unable. We will have to see if Vinyer's strained relationship with his manager gets in the way this month as he faced Undeniable's Andy Header. Header's manager Ryan Race is enough of a distration on the outside to cause a victory in his opponents favor, but with Vinyer and Delilah at odds it adds an extra element to the match.

Our Main Event is the big one. The PPW Women's Championship between Mercedes Martinez and Christina Marie. Marie has taken the low road recently in her quest to become PPW Women's Champion by assaulting Adena Steele after a match she had already convincingly won. Marie has been obsessed with getting “her” PPW Women's Championship back. This one will be a good one.

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