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PPW High Voltage Results - Episode 99

This week's PPW High Voltage featured "The Man" Johnny Moran and his open challenge in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. "The Son of Scranton" had been feeling pretty good about himself, claiming that the Scranton event wouldn't even have happened at all, had it not been for him. Moran, talking to a mixed reaction crowd in Scranton, would be shocked to see Mint Mike Mitchell walk out from behind the curtain. Mitchell along with Trajan Horn would be made an official three-way dance by PPW General Manager "Fast" Freddy Ackers.

The first match of Episode 99 saw the two monsters of Undeniable, Lamar Hawkins and Isaak Ruhl, taking on Antonio Rivera and Drew Adams, a pair who have still yet to find their footing in the tag division. Despite pre-match optimism. and in the minds of Rivera and Adams, the massive men in the opposite corner ensured that no one in attendance would find this to be a close match. 

While Adams and Rivera showed flashes of a potential upset, something happened that would prove disastrous: Drew Adams avoided a crucial tag from Rivera. This, along with Adams controversially eliminating him during the Tag Team Rumble at PPW Destiny, has definitely stirred some distrust and distaste for his partner in the mind of Antonio Rivera. In the end, their lack of teamwork, and size saw them handily defeated. Perhaps if Drew Adams were willing to tag-in to the match things could have gone differently, but as it stands, the incredible dominance of Lamar Hawkins and Isaak Ruhl is Undeniable. 

The team would officially break up later in the episode when Rivera would attack Drew Adams in the back leaving PPW's resident spoiled rich kid on the floor in pain.

As Johnny Moran walked out confidently to the ring for his scheduled match, the evidence that he was in his hometown showed through as he has heard cheers for the first time in a long while at PPW. Moran would work hard in the match to keep his PPW Television Championship - albeit it with a little help from outside interference.

"That's Johnny's barber" proclaimed Paul Bo. "Now I know where to not get my haircut."

Moran's barber distracted the match long enough for Moran and his busted lip to cover Mike Mitchell in the middle of the ring to win the match and retain his title.

Elsewhere, the Mane Event took care of business against the Sons of Dogtown in the PPW Tag Team Golden Ticket Qualifier. This means they will join the Sambo Show (from last week's win) in the PPW Golden Ticket Tag Team Match with potentially more teams to be added for the October match. When asked by PPW's Tom Mitchell about the victory Jay Lyon had one thing to say, "Onward!"

The Main Event saw Clutch Adams defeat Mantequilla.


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