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PPW HV Recap: Cage Turns on Navarro, Costs Him The PPW Heavyweight Championship

By Scott Fineout

The Main Event on PPW High Voltage was for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. “The Sky Reaper” KC Navarro taking on Clutch Adams. Before the match Navarro promised that he would take home the title in front of Hazleton in an in-ring promo. Sebastian Cage came down and interrupted that speech earlier in the night telling Navarro that tonight Navarro was definitely lit, and tonight he'd become the new PPW Heavyweight Champion.

Sebastian Cage and KC Navarro are great friends outside of wrestling. Forming a solid bond while meeting in professional wrestling, their friendship had evolved into a best friendship of sorts. Cage was clearly on Navarro's side on this night and would morally backing his friend up in the back and actively rooting for him to be victorious tonight.

Clutch Adams didn't care about any of that. The PPW Heavyweight Champion walked in confident as ever and focused on retaining the championship against a man that he called “skilled” in an interview with PPW's Tom Mitchell in the back before the match.

Early on, Clutch Adams spit at KC Navarro. A move that Navarro didn't seem at all impressed with. The champion trying to get in the head of Navarro.

“KC isn't going to back down from Clutch Adams” said Paul Bo on commentary. He was right. Navarro would throw the gum back at Adams and immediately begin the match, showing the PPW Heavyweight Champion how focused he was for the night's mission.

Adams would try slowing the Sky Reaper down by using a series of holds – something Navarro would counter. The match would start off slow until Navarro got a few seconds to create. Navarro would hit Adams with a series of offensive moves that would speed the match up significantly, and leave Adams reeling in the corner. The speed of the action would leave Adams to leave the ring and try to gain his composure. This would only lead Navarro to dive through the bottom rope at the champion. Navarro and Adams would brawl on the outside of the ring. Adams would then pick Navarro up and drive his head right into the side of the ring. Adams then adding insult to injury by grabbing Keiper's water at ringside and spitting it at both him and then right in the face of Navarro. Adams smartly rolled Navarro into the ring but only successfully grabbed a two-count.

Adams would then take the next few minutes to slow the action down with a series of submission holds inside the ring. It had taken a few steps away from Navarro for the next few minutes – something that certainly aided Clutch Adams in his offensive onslaught for the next few minutes. Adams visibly frustrated throughout the match but no more so than after failing to put Navarro out after this series of moves.

Navarro would regain his composure moments later and find himself slithering out of a failed superplex from Adams, then kicking Adams in the face leaving the PPW Champion out cold and hunched over the top rope. Navarro then took advantage of Clutch Adams being in on the top turnbuckle and sent him crashing to the mat with a powerbomb of sorts. Navarro then immediately went for the pin only to be turned away when Adams kicked out at the last possible second.

It was then Navarro's time to get frustrated. Adams channeled that by hitting Adams with a solid dropkick sending him reeling into the corner, and followed it up immediately with a stinger-splash. It was then Navarro's time for an offensive flurry and a few near falls.

It was then that Adams felt the pressure was too much and reached for his PPW Heavyweight Championship. As Adams began walking out of the match and to the back, the chorus of boo's from the PPW Nation fell on him. Adams walking backwards to the back, not taking his eyes off of Navarro. As Adams was backing up he ran into “The Lit Superstar” Sebastian Cage who told Adams to get back to the ring as the end of the match wouldn't find Adams running from the challenge of putting Navarro away. As the two argued on the outside, Navarro jumped from the top rope and landed on Clutch Adams sending both to the gym floor.

Navarro then sensed it was time to try and put it away. As Navarro climbed to the top rope and a few seconds later hit a perfect frogsplash you could feel it in the air. KC Navarro was going to be your new PPW Heavyweight champion. And then, Clutch Adams put his foot on the bottom purple rope. Navarro a few seconds later would go to superkick Adams only for Adams to pull Carden in-front of him at the last second. Navarro's foot connected with Carden's face prompting Phil Bravado, a Carden critic, to yell “Yesss!!!” as he could not hold back his pleasure.

Carden was sent to the mat and knocked out. Adams then sensed a moment to capitalize on and rolled out of the ring taking Phil Bravado's chair from him and throwing it into the ring. This would send Sebastian Cage into the ring to take the chair from Adams. This left the champion distracted enough for Navarro to size him up and hit him with a perfect superkick.

Cage, still holding the chair from Adams, told Navarro to go to the top rope and hit Adams with a frogsplash to end the match. As Navarro got to the top rope Cage cracked him in the back with the chair, sending Navarro crashing to the mat. A few seconds later PPW official Jeff Carden would come to his senses and count a pinfall for Clutch Adams sending Adams home with the title still in his bag, and Sebastian Cage with a lot of questions to answer.

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