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PPW HV Recap: Despite Being Laid Out, Clutch Retains Title

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

The main event of this week’s episode of PPW High Voltage was the cocky Clutch Adams up against the charismatic Teddy Hart for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. Hart made it to this position after defeating both Breaux Keller and Charles Mason in a No.1 contender’s match last month on High Voltage.

Once again Teddy Hart and his cat handler came out with a pair of cats to let Honesdale get a look at.

Clutch Adams made his way out, arrogant as ever, to try and keep a grasp on his PPW Heavyweight Championship. Before Freddy Ackers could even finish announcing the match, Adams attacked Hart from behind. Adams then proceeded to beat down Hart before picking up a quick two count after a stomp to the face. Another two count came after a suplex, but Hart reversed into a crucifix pin for a two count of his own. Adams continued his attack with a clothesline before mocking the crowd. Keiper pointed out on commentary how he feels the PPW fans deserve a champ that respects them as much as they respect the champ to which Paul Bo agreed.

Hart found his way back into the match after Clutch tried to knock Hart down with another clothesline to which Teddy reversed into a big Canadian destroyer. Hart then took complete control of the match, as it looked as though he might walk away with the title. He hit the champ with a pair of backstabbers before a springboard moonsault off the top rope resulted in a two count.

Adams seemed down and out several times during the match but was always able to get a shoulder up to prevent the three count. Hart continued his aerial assault with a hangman’s neck breaker followed up by a corkscrew moonsault off the middle rope for another two count. After a two count off a DDT, the champ found his way back into the matchup with a huge superkick to Hart. Clutch hit a top rope clothesline that was followed with an elbow drop off the top rope. Rather than try and take the three count though, Adams inexplicably pulled Hart up at two and wagged his finger at the crowd to let them know he had more damage to do to Teddy.

He went back to the top rope again, but Hart was there to catch him with a right hand. Hart then hit Adams with a top rope frankensteiner, but Clutch rolled him up and put him in a sharpshooter. Hart found the bottom rope, but Adams stayed on him and caught him in a camel clutch, but Teddy once again found the ropes.

Clutch stayed all over Hart and didn’t allow him to move a muscle and eventually got disqualified by the referee. Keiper quickly pointed out on commentary that it was because he didn’t break his hold by the count of five. Adam grabbed a microphone and stated that he didn’t care that he got disqualified because he still stays the champion. This is due to the champion’s advantage in the match, stating that Clutch can’t lose the title on a disqualification. He then proceeded to put Hart’s cat handler into a camel clutch.

Hart then attacked the champ before hitting a beautiful top rope Canadian destroyer. He then helped his cat handler hit a Canadian destroyer of his own to completely lay out the champ to close the show. Adams is still your champ, but will his arrogance come back to bite the man from Woodbridge, New Jersey?


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