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PPW HV Recap: Despite Stiff Competition, Christina Marie Retains Championship

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Before the night’s main event pitting PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie against Veda Scott, Adena Steele, and the debuting Dani Mo for the championship. Tom Mitchell caught up with Marie and Mo backstage. Marie was very confident coming into the match, running down all three of her opponents before saying “I laid a challenge, there’s not much of a challenge.” Mo who was with her trainer and manager Facade, talked about being a “little bit nervous, little bit anxious” but “I’m pretty excited, I think I’m gonna get it.”

Phil Bravado pointed out on commentary as Dani Mo made her way to the ring that Mo should be confident considering she was “trained by the neon ninja Facade, I mean how can you go wrong there?” As the match got underway, all three women teamed up to knock the champ Marie out of the ring. Adena Steele then knocked Veda Scott out of the ring with a face buster.

This left Steele and Mo as the only two competitors left in the ring, as they locked up. They both went for a series of quick pinfalls, but neither was able to pick up the win. Mo gained the edge after a big boot to the face took Steele out, but Marie came back in the ring to gain control over Mo. She hit a powerslam before tossing Mo over her shoulders across the ring to give Marie complete control of the match. Mo made her way back to her feet and was able to get Marie in the corner before knocking her away and hitting a big crossbody on the champ.

Mo's momentum didn’t last long as Veda Scott found her way back into the ring to hit Mo with a few strikes in the corner. Scott was able to hit a clothesline off the middle rope to knock Mo out of the conversation for the time being. Steele then came in to get the advantage over Scott before Marie eventually came in and used Dani Mo as a battering ram to knock down both Steele and Scott.

Later on in the match, Marie got Steele on her shoulder and Veda Scott hit a big clothesline to Steele off Marie to knock her down. Mo, who was already on the top rope, hit Scott with a crossbody before Scott followed it up with a cutter on Mo. Adena Steele came back and hit a twisting suplex on Marie, but Scott broke up the pinfall. There were several pin breakups near the end of the match. Mo chopped Scott down and hit her with a big stunner and looked like she was going to pick up the win and the title, but Christina Marie was having none of it. The champ threw Mo off Scott and into the bottom rope which allowed Marie to pick up the one, two, three on Scott and retain her championship.

With the win, Marie continues to hold onto her coveted PPW Women’s Championship, but not without some close calls along the way. We will see if Marie can continue to find new ways to keep that championship around her waist.


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