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PPW HV Recap: Masterlock Challenge Sets Up Huge Tag-Team Main Event

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

To start off this week’s episode of PPW High Voltage, Honesdale’s own Drew Adams hit the ring to challenge none other than “The Masterpiece” himself Chris Masters to a Masterlock Challenge. The commentary team was quick to point out what little chance Adams had in winning the challenge, mentioning how Bobby Lashley was the first one to win the challenge, and pointed out Lashley and Adams highly different physiques.

Masters made his way to the ring, and tried to talk some sense into Adams, stating that the headlines would read “Chris Masters masterlocks infant child.” Adams did not take too well to this insult, and hit Masters with a chair as he tried to leave the ring. An incensed Masters came back in the ring and gave Adams his wish by putting the Masterlock on him to which Adams immediately quit. After being out of it for a few moments, Adams eventually got up to a show of respect and a handshake from the former WWE superstar and all was well between the two.

This seemed as though it would be the end of the night for these two, but “The Titan Outlaws” Bull Hightower and Bo Nekoda had other plans. The two men hit the entrance way looking ready for a fight, and a fight is what they got. PPW general manager Freddy Ackers hit the arena and asked the Honesdale crowd if they wanted to see Adams and Masters against Nekoda and former PPW No Limits Champion Bull Hightower in the night’s main event. After a resounding yes, the match was made for later in the evening.

Before the match, Tom Mitchell caught up with Drew Adams backstage. Adams admitted he was a little too amped up to be back in his hometown, and how he regretted his decision to challenge Chris Masters to the Masterlock Challenge and ultimately end up hitting him with a chair. Adams said, “I think it was unnecessary that I challenged him, but I did it, I messed up.”

As the two teams got set to square off, E. Julius Keiper was quick to point out on commentary that “Drew Adams looks lost in this ring among all of these titan men in the ring.” Drew Adams and Bo Nekoda were tasked with starting the match, and Nekoda quickly put Adams on his heels after a few arm drags. This forced Adams to have a quick chat with Masters in their corner. Something Masters said to Adams must have stuck with him because he then took control of Nekoda with a quick arm drag and drop kick.

Adams then tagged out to “The Masterpiece” as Nekoda did the same to Bull Hightower. These two behemoths then went at it, with Hightower eventually taking control with a bearhug. Keiper then asked his fellow colleagues, “You ever see Masters get manhandled like this?” Masters was able to get out of the hold and take back control in the match with a big suplex for a near fall before tagging Adams back into the matchup.

Adams could not get Hightower to budge as he went for a clothesline as it looked as if he was running into a brick wall. Hightower then headbutted Adams to the mat for his troubles. Hightower continued to dominate his much smaller opponent to the point where Keiper stated that “this shouldn’t even be legal to be honest with you.” Hightower hit a huge gorilla press slam on Adams, and it looked as though that was going to be it before Masters came in to break up the pin. Hightower then tagged in Nekoda and he continued the beatdown of Adams.

Nekoda arrogantly mocked Adams trying to crawl his way over to Masters for the hot tag by hitting the mat and doing it himself. Nekoda then made a bad move by trying to knock Masters off the apron because Masters came into the ring and laid out the former PPW Tag Team Champion. Nekoda then tagged out to Hightower briefly before Nekoda came back in. Adams was nowhere close to his corner, and it looked as though it was just a matter of time before “The Titan Outlaws” picked up the victory.

Then out of nowhere, Adams began to make a comeback on Nekoda with a big kick to the face and a back elbow to drop Bo to the mat. This allowed Adams to make the hot tag to “The Masterpiece” who exploded into the match and dominated Nekoda. Hightower eventually came into the ring and the two men began to double-team Masters.

After rolling out of the way of a Hightower splash attempt from the second rope, Masters was able to make a sneaky tag to bring Adams in. Adams flew into the ring and nailed a cutter from the middle rope to pick up the 1,2,3 and secure a huge victory for his team. Adams definitely snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat in this one. It appears Drew Adams has found himself a rare friend in “The Masterpiece” and we will see if their partnership will continue in the coming weeks.


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