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PPW HV Recap: Nolo Kitano Shows Great Aerial Offense In Debuting Win

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Coming into Nolo Kitano’s debut match in PPW against “The Lucha Hero” Mantequilla, we heard about the man in a backstage interview with Tom Mitchell. We learned that he is “The Ghetto Samurai” and that he had a lot of high praise for his opponent Mantequilla. Kitano said, “he hits hard, but I can hit hard too, so you know what Mantequilla, bring it cause I’m ready to bring it too.”

They sure brought it alright in this high action encounter. Phil Bravado talked about how Mantequilla had been “talking up his opponent all week on social media, very excited for the opportunity to prove himself here against Nolo Kitano.” We saw a lot of quick action to begin this one, as Paul Bo talked about it being a “mile a minute action.” Both men got a lot of offense in on each other, but neither man was able to gain any obvious advantage.

Kitano showed off some amazing agility as Bravado mentioned a few times about Mantequilla being “just a step too slow here.” Kitano hit moves such as a moonsault off the middle rope into Mantequilla and a bicycle kick while also performing two consecutive kip ups after using the top rope to jump over Mantequilla to the mat and make his way to the other corner.

Both men brought their A game in this one, as they were very evenly matched. Their styles meshed beautifully for a great match for the Honesdale crowd. These two eventually found themselves in a straight brawl in the middle of the ring, barely being able to stand on their feet after throwing the whole kitchen sink at their opponent.

Late in this one though, Kitano hit Mantequilla with a flurry of offense that had “The Lucha Hero” reeling. Kitano reversed Mantequilla’s attack into a hurricanrana before hitting him with running knees in the corner and then hitting him with running knees in the middle of the ring. Although many would have been put away by this, Mantequilla managed to kick out at two. Mantequilla produced a flurry of his own just a few moments later. Kitano had Mantequilla set for a big move before Mantequilla reversed into a superkick and followed that with a big fall away slam for a near fall.

Mantequilla thought he had this one in the bag, trying to hit a big discus lariat for the win, but Kitano was able to reverse and hook his arms to hit a big spinning slam to pick up the victory. A move he calls the Trigrams rotation. With this impressive win under his belt, we will see what “The Ghetto Samurai” has in store for the PPW faithful in the coming months.


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