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PPW HV Recap: Rivera Continues Hot Streak Against Moran And Ruhl

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Before the match, we heard from PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran. He talked about how he gets another opportunity at Antonio Rivera tonight to right the wrong that was Rivera’s “fluke” win just a few weeks ago. Moran told us that he “gets another chance to prove that it was, it was, it was just a mistake, Antonio Rivera does not belong in the same ring with the "Darkhorse" Johnny Moran, he doesn’t deserve opportunities like this.”

Moran went on to talk about how he would hurt Rivera badly in their match tonight and get his revenge. Tom Mitchell then caught up with Rivera before the match, and Rivera talked about his “promise coming into PPW saying I will take out Undeniable, and that’s what I’m here to do tonight.”

Phil Bravado reminded everyone on commentary about how Rivera still has ongoing issues with Drew Adams, as Adams paid Moran $500 to hurt Rivera in their match a few weeks ago on High Voltage, and as we know it was unsuccessful for Adams. Bravado and E. Julius Keiper also spoke about how Isaak Ruhl and Moran are both a part of the Ryan Race led Undeniable and that along with Rivera having a history with both men could lead to a two on one beat down of “The Dominican Dream.”

As the match began, that was exactly what we saw as Moran and Ruhl beat up Rivera and tossed him out of the ring, but then we saw Moran try and go for a roll up of Ruhl. This wasn’t successful, as PPW GM Freddy Ackers made a great point on commentary about the two men trying to impress their manager Ryan Race, who was not in the building tonight. The two men began to go at it and Moran poked Ruhl’s eye before they began a series of chops on each other. Ruhl gained the upper hand in this exchange with a belly to belly suplex before Rivera rushed back into the ring and hit Ruhl with a running high knee.

Moran and Rivera then both briefly teamed up with each other to take out Ruhl before Moran slammed Rivera into the corner. Moran hit Rivera with a snap suplex for a two-count before another two-count came just a few moments later. Bravado talked on commentary about how “since Antonio Rivera made his debut here in PPW, we’ve had nothing but good things to talk about regarding his heart.”

Moran continued his beat down of Rivera and had him set up for a superplex from the top rope, but Ruhl made his way back into the match. The big man grabbed Moran and his momentum forced Moran to hit the superplex off the top rope for a devastating crash for both Moran and Rivera. Ruhl went for the cover on both men, but only picked up two counts on both occasions. Ruhl hit Rivera with a spinebuster before Moran took Ruhl down and eventually him and Rivera were able to force Ruhl to roll out of the ring. Rivera tried to attack Moran, but Johnny picked up Rivera on his shoulders. Then out of nowhere, Rivera pulled Moran into a crucifix pin to pick up the three count for a massive victory.

After the match, before Paul Bo could even finish his sentence about Rivera being able to challenge either Moran or Ruhl for their respective titles at the next PPW event, Ruhl and Moran began a beat down of Rivera. This was before the Mane Event came out to make the save of Rivera and help knock the two men out of the ring. This was when Midas Black got the hoop and Jay Lyon flew through the middle rope onto both Moran and Ruhl on the outside to send the two men reeling back into the locker room. Are we seeing a new alliance being formed between the Mane Event and Antonio Rivera or were Black and Lyon just doing the right thing by saving the young up and comer?


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