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PPW HV Recap: The Sambo Show Continue Their Rise, Defeat Chris Banks and JJ Adams

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Before this one got underway, The Sambo Show brought some holiday cheer to the Hazleton fans, throwing out t-shirts and masks inside The Holy Family Academy. The debuting tag-team of Chris Banks and JJ Adams were clearly not in the holiday spirit, as they ended the celebration early by jumping Sam Adams and Syler Andrews from behind.

Banks and JJ Adams held an early advantage over Sambo Show before they were able to lower the ropes and force Banks to the outside. This allowed Syler Andrews to hit a big springboard moonsault on JJ Adams for a two-count. After a quick tag out by Sam Adams, it was Syler Andrews that saw the bulk of the matchup. Andrews wanted to hit another moonsault on JJ Adams, but Banks was there on the outside to knock the big man down.

JJ Adams eventually tagged in Banks and the two men hit a series of double-team moves on Andrews. Banks picked up a two-count after a powerslam before hitting a European uppercut in the corner and tagging JJ Adams back in and Adams then hit a European uppercut. JJ Adams proceeded to take complete control of the matchup and it looked as though it was only a matter of time before Banks and JJ Adams picked up the win.

The Sambo Show had other plans though, as Sam Adams tried to tag in, bit the ref didn’t see it and forced him back to his corner. Banks tagged back in and he and Adams continued to pummel Andrews. Syler was able to find a way to get to his partner though, and Sam Adams came in like a rocket to take out both men. He hit a double axe handle off the middle rope on Banks, but JJ Adams was right there to break up the pin. JJ Adams then tagged into the match, only to get hit by a big double-team move by Sambo Show. Sam Adams held him in a headlock before Andrews came in to hit his back and allow Sam Adams to drive his head to the mat for the one, two, three and the victory.

It was a very quick-paced matchup that saw both teams have their opportunities to pick up the win. The commentary team pointed out after the match that Banks and JJ Adams have nothing to hang their heads about after a great match. Paul Bo stated that “I’ll tell you what, that was excitement from start to finish.” With the win, we will see if The Sambo Show can continue their quest to try and take the PPW Tag Team Championships from The Mane Event.


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