PPW Juiced: What Went Down

By: Scott Fineout

In a night that saw a double cross from TJ Masters, a new No Limit Champion crowned and a big disagreement between Desean Pratt and KC Navarro, PPW Juiced was unpredictable if nothing else.

Special guest referee TJ Masters inserted himself into the match between South Philly's Finest and the Arrogance of Excellence to prevent South Philly of getting robbed once again. He did the exact opposite. After a scissor kick from Konway onto Johnny Moran, it looked as though South Philly would win back the PPW Tag Team Championship. As Masters went down to count the pin he stopped short of three to stand up, and flip Jimmy Konway off – a move that immediately made Konway rise to his feet with huge eyes and a shocked face.

As Masters distracted Konway from his competition, it was Clutch Adams who would sneak in and roll up Konway. Masters would provide the fastest count in Hazleton to allow the Arrogance of Excellence to retain the PPW Tag Team Championship.

Desean Pratt and KC Navarro were a toxic tag team at PPW Juiced as the two couldn't seem to get on the right page all night, even leading to Desean Pratt to openly instruct and talk down to Navarro during the match. Pratt, feeling like Navarro was worried more about flashy moves than actually winning the match, openly talked down to his partner and the tension only went up from there. At a point in the match the two were blind tagging one another in-and-out of the ring to establish dominance over one another. At the end of the match Navarro would take the pinfall after a missed frog splash on his end, followed by a successful frog splash from Amazing Red that would end Navarro and Pratt's night.

The story however followed the match's outcome Pratt would first come into the ring and offer Navarro forgivene