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PPW Race Car to Be at Aerial Assault

By: Mitchell Frantz

As if PPW “Aerial Assault” this Saturday is not already exciting enough, PPW fans will be treated to the PPW racecar making its first ever appearance at a PPW event! Fans can get a picture with the car starting at 4 pm for free prior to the event with a ticket to the show!

John Martinsky Sr. is the owner of the car, and has been racing for over 15 years. Just like wrestlers like Andy Header and The Sambo Show win championships in the ring, Martinsky wins on the track: “ [I] won the 2020 track championship at Snydersville Raceway and the Hamlin Speedway Championship in 2007 [as well as] many wins at a bunch of different tracks” said Martinsky.

This blue and white Xcel Modified race car is actually the third generation of PPW having a presence on the racetrack, as Martinsky also once had a champ kart and slingshot cars before hand. The champ kart was notable for having names on some PPW stars on the side including Desean Pratt, Facade, Christina Marie, South Philly’s Finest and others.

Fittingly, the car’s number is 13, as PPW was founded in 2013. When asked how he was introduced to PPW, Martinsky had this to say: “Me and my family were always into wrestling. We ended up going to PPW one month in June of 2019 and never left. [There are] great people and atmosphere. After we were at PPW for a couple months, I was putting one of my cars together last year and asked Paul if he would mind me putting the name on the car to get some more eyes on the product. The car gets great interest from kids to adults,” said Martinsky.

The driver also takes great pride in being the face of the best wrestling in the area on the track: “I'm pretty happy being the banner for PPW in the racing community,” said Martinsky.

Off of the track, the driver credits a lot of his success to his wife and children. His wife, Jennifer as well as his children have been an incredible support system for John in chasing success. Not only do they fully support John, but they also serve as his pit crew come race day.

Come see the car in person on August 14th (THIS SATURDAY NIGHT) at the Signature Training Academy when PPW presents “Aerial Assault!” Scheduled to appear live iincludes AEW’s Alan “V” Angels and Pres10 Vance of the Dark Order, former WWE stars Jillian Hall, Mojo Rawley, James Ellsworth and Afa Jr., MLW stars Davey Richards and KC Navarro, Mike Orlando, Allie Recks, PPW Television Champion Andy Header, PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie, PPW Tag Team Champions The Sambo Show, PW No Limits Champion Isaak Ruhl, “All Energy” Breaux Keller, Encore, “The Closer” Joey Martinez with Mr. Ruda, Foxx Vinyer, JC Storm, Erica Leigh, Grim from GTS, Mr. James, “Courageous” Christina Marie, Desean Pratt, The Mane Event, South Philly’s Finest and more! Bell time is scheduled for 7 PM, and meet and greets start at 5 PM. Tickets are available now at!


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