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PPW’s New Trios Division Looks to Be Thrice As Nice

By: B.P. Burke

Year 11 of PPW is looking to start off with a bang on October 14th at PPW Lives! Many of our champions are going to find themselves extremely busy, with Adrien Soriano fending of an incredibly angry foe in The Mecca, who is aiming to be only the second-ever three-time PPW Heavyweight Champion while simultaneously relegating ⅓ of Primal Fear to the list of shortest-lived title holders. And then there’s Dio Bando facing arguably the toughest challenge of his blossoming career, facing off against national superstar VSK in Bando’s first television title defense. Women’s champion Lynette Dollaz finds herself in a similar situation against the well-traveled “La Chica” Clara Carreras. The Vetrano Brothers are the ultimate underdogs against the veteran Team B1G, but anything can happen in a PPW ring!

But on a larger scale, trios matches - mostly the domain of Mexico’s Lucha Libre style of wrestling until recent years - have become increasingly popular in American wrestling as well. In an effort to provide PPW Nation with the best action possible, the decision was recently made to better showcase the amazing talent that steps into a PPW ring each and every month with the formation of a Trios Division, with new champions being crowned soon!

So far, 4 trios have thrown their hats in the ring, and each one brings something unique to the table!

Sam Adams & The Brothers Gray - The Sindicate may be the odds-on-favorites to make history as the first-ever PPW Trios Champions. It’d certainly be fitting for Adams, a former heavyweight and tag team champion, to make his mark on yet another division. And behind Adams are the Brothers Gray - the Nevada natives who put the SIN in Sindicate. In their short time with PPW, the Grays have made a name for themselves, coming out on the winning end against both newcomers like The Post Game and all-time greats like South Philly’s Finest.

Tom Mitchell, Trace Parker, and Mark Alexander - To claim the Trios Titles as their own, Adams and The Brothers Gray must first get past the opening round of the tourney. To do that, they’ll need to get past the team in the field with arguably the most potential in the field. “Nice and Smooth” put forth a valiant effort in a scramble match at PPW X, and the addition of Alexander, who has impressed in his appearances so far, could be what takes the team over the top. Can this blue chip trio realize their potential?

Lucius Krow, Phil Insane, & Wildboy Steve-O - Halloween is right around the corner, and there is no tandem in PPW scarier than The Trumpets of the Apocalypse. The gargantuan Phil Insane was instrumental in Krow’s prolonged No Limits Title reign, but after their mysterious absence at the 10th Anniversary led to Rembrandt claiming No Limits Gold, there may be questions about the cohesiveness of this group.

Though, to be fair, mysterious is very on-brand for this group.

Rembrandt, The Philadelphia Playboy, & Eugene Chandler - to quote It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: WILD CARD!!!! Channing completely different kinds of magnetism, it’s going to be… how can this be put? Er, interesting to see The Artist and the Playboy on the same side. Throw in the always-game Eugene Chandler, and this group could go all the way or be the very first out. Rembrandt has proven himself to be a winner time and time again, however, and if anyone can find a way to to turn this motley crew into champions, it’s him.

One thing is certain: the road to the Trios Championships begins on Saturday, October 14th! Join us live at the Slatington Expo Center! Can’t make it, catch the action on Premier Streaming Network.


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