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PPWHV: Clutch Adams Defeats Austin Aries for PPW TITLE

By Scott Fineout

Clutch Adams stood in the middle of the ring with his former tag team partner Johnny Moran and told Hazleton they better write the date down.

For Adams, he wanted them to note the day that (by his estimation) he received what was rightfully his all along, HIS PPW Heavyweight Championship. As he began ripping into Frank Mir for being the manager of Austin Aries, he decided that he would have Moran come to the ring to be his manager. Adams said that since leaving Moran he has been onto “bigger and better things”, a remark that made Moran flinch a little as if to shake off the negative commentary by his former tag team partner. Phil Bravado remarked on commentary, “Johnny Moran couldn't have liked those words” as the PPW Television Champion stood there with his title on his shoulder.

Austin Aries came to the ring letting everyone of the fans ringside touch what he has called THEIR PPW Heavyweight Championship. Aries got into the ring with the microphone declaring that Frank Mir was preparing for his big fight the week after. Austin Aries told Clutch and Moran that he had no problem with Moran being ringside but if he was going to be ringside he had two things:

You might want to grab a piece of paper and a pencil to take notes so he could maybe step up his game a bit If he sticks his nose in his business, he will slap him into the third row.

The match itself was a good one. Austin Aries showing off his technical ability and speed throughout the match. Clutch Adams is one of the fastest on the PPW roster and Clutch was having a tough time hanging with the PPW Heavyweight Champion.

Aries, obviously one of the best in the world, showcased his abilities by controlling a lot of the match. Towards the end of the match, Aries would go to suplex Clutch back into the ring but Moran would trip Aries causing Clutch to land on him in the center of the ring. As Moran ducked out of eye sight of PPW Senior official Jeff Carden, he also held the leg of Aries down which prevented the champion from kicking out.

As Clutch Adams rolled out of the ring in a scene that looked like highway robbery, he was the new PPW Heavyweight Champion on this night by crook. Moran helped him to the back and Austin Aries stood there shocked. Your new PPW Heavyweight Champion, Clutch Adams.


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