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By Scott Fineout

The Titan Outlaws and the PPW No Limits Champion Issak Ruhl teamed up last Sunday night to take on PPW's representation of the bWo, Blue Meanie, Foxx Vinyer and Draven West.

The Blue Meanie and Bo Nakoda started the contest. Meanie and Nakoda began the night with headlocks and submission holds before Meanie opened up his creative offense by running the ropes with Nakoda, only to stop him and point to the ceiling. With Nakoda taking the bait and distracted by looking up, Meanie took the chance to punch Nakoda's open face. Moments later Nakoda would try the same tactic on the Meanie who waited until Nakoda pointed to the sky in order to hit him square in the face. “Classic tactics by the Blue Meanie” EJ Keiper reminded PPW High Voltage fans.

Vinyer was then tagged in and took control of the situation that Meanie created for him. He then fended off Issak Ruhl coming in and interrupting the match. Hightower would find himself on the outside of the ring with Vinyer flapping his arms like a bird in the middle of the ring. Moments later, Vinyer would catapult himself over the top and onto Issak Ruhl and the Titan Outlaws. Draven West would follow with a dive out of the ring, landing on all three as they were trying to get their footing. The Blue Meanie would tease an ariel assault of his own only to put on the brakes as the Outlaws and Ruhl dodged out of harms way.

The control of the match was largely dominated by the Blue Meanie, Draven West and Foxx Vinyer.

The control would switch when Issak Ruhl would come into the match and deliver punishment to Draven Blaze. Ruhl and the Outlaws then successfully cut off the ring and delivered punishment to Draven West for the next few minutes. Hightower would then enter the ring and choke out Draven West before going on an offensive assault.

Nakoda would then get tagged in as Draven Blaze found himself in the ring entirely too long and looking for a tag. Nakoda would deliver an elbow delivered with his own snot on it to Draven Blaze. It's that type of behavior that has made Nakoda arguably the biggest redneck in the PPW locker room. That and his obsession with hunting and his facination with real-tree clothing.

Draven Blaze would eventually fight out of danger and tag in the Blue Meanie. Meanie would then clear house by sending Ruhl and Nakoda down with a double-clotheslines and then going right to Bull Hightower. By now the ring had been filled with all six-competitors in opposite corners. Meanie, West and Vinyer would send all three of their opponents crashing into one another in the middle of the ring.

The chaos would lead EJ Keiper to remark, “I don't know who the legal man is Bravado.” Phil Bravado would reply “I don't think P.K Sanford (PPW Official) does either”. Bravado was right. The action was a mile a minute at this point and picking up.

Hightower would wait until Sanford's back was turned and then clocked the Blue Meanie with the cowbell. A few seconds later the Titan Outlaws and Issak Ruhl were declared victorious. “The Titan Outlaws stole one for their team” remarked Keiper.

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