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PPWHV Recap: Nolo Kitano Stays Hot Against “Gatekeeper” Andy Header

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Rise Of Kitano

Before the match got started, Phil Bravado pointed out on commentary that “Arguably Andy Header’s been the gatekeeper here at PPW, if you wanna get on the roster, you beat Andy Header, sometimes people do, most times people don’t.”

Nolo Kitano made his PPW debut just a few short weeks ago in Honesdale, Pa. when he took on “The Lucha Hero” Mantequilla in a match in which Kitano was victorious. “The Ghetto Samurai” showed an array of high flying moves in that one as he looks to continue to make a great first impression on the PPW nation.

Header Dominates Early Going

As the match got started, both men went into a feeling out process, with neither man gaining an early edge. After some quality technical wrestling, Kitano was able to knock Header to the floor with a slap to the face and a dropkick to the knees. Kitano then tried to go to the air to hit a tope suicida, but the veteran Header was able to quickly get back into the ring before he was able to do so. Header then tried to go to the skies, but Kitano smartly found his way into the ring.

Back in the ring, Kitano went for double knees on Header in the corner, but Header caught him into a huge powerslam to put Kitano to the canvas. “The Ghetto Samurai” found his way out of the pin attempt, but Header stayed on him with a big kick to the face and a splash before another kick out by Kitano. At this point, Andy Header was in complete control of the match.

Header tried to choke out Kitano, but Nolo found his way to the ropes. Kitano then found some momentum as he hit a series of cross-body blocks before ending it with an enzuigiri, but Header found a way to kick out of the pin.


Header one-upped Kitano with a big superkick after both men traded hard shots to the face. This staggered “The Ghetto Samurai” but he was able to hit a michinoku driver for another close pin, but Header found a way out.

Kitano Finds A Way

After Header hit a michinoku driver of his own for a close fall, he went to the top rope. Here he tried to hit Kitano with something, but Kitano was too quick which forced Header to roll through. This allowed Nolo to hit a big kick to the face and the Trigrams rotation for the 1,2,3.

If you are keeping score at home, that makes Kitano 2-0 in PPW as he looks to continue a steady rise to the top of the roster. Although he suffered a tough loss, we saw Header and TJ Masters help Antonio Rivera after his match for the PPW Television Championship. We will see where Header goes from here.


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