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PPWHV: Ruhl Gains His Biggest Victory To Date In PPW

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

After holding the No Limits Championship for just over four months, Foxx Vinyer dropped the title to Undeniable’s Isaak Ruhl on the latest episode of PPW High Voltage. It was a hard fought, back-and-forth matchup between both men, with neither man able to gain much of an advantage throughout most of the match.

That was before Foxx Vinyer hit a huge crossbody off the top rope onto Isaak Ruhl and earned a two count. This forced a dazed Ruhl to leave the ring and call a timeout. As E. Julius Keiper brilliantly stated what everyone was thinking at home, “What do these people think they get a timeout in wrestling from?” Foxx Vinyer took matters into his own hands though, leaping over the top rope onto all three men in Undeniable, before tossing Ruhl back into the ring. Keiper was quick to state, “That’s how Foxx Vinyer feel’s about timeouts in wrestling.”

Ruhl’s eventual win did not come without shenanigans though. As just a few minutes earlier, the loud-mouthed leader of Undeniable Ryan Race tried to get involved in the match before the referee told him to get off the apron before Vinyer just knocked him off himself. Vinyer had a few more opportunities to put Ruhl away in the late moments of the match before Race got involved again, and this time he was successful.

Race once again caught the attention of the referee and Vinyer on the apron. While the two men were distracted, Ruhl was handed the title and slammed it off Vinyer’s face to pick up the victory and the No Limits Championship. We will see where Ruhl goes from here after earning his first taste of gold in PPW, albeit under questionable circumstances. It will be tough for the big man from Munich, Germany to be stopped with Ryan Race and Lamar Hawkins by his side every step of the way.


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