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Pratt Looks to Make Statement Against Mecha Wolf

By: Mitchell Frantz

Desean Pratt quickly turned himself from one of the most beloved superstars in Hazleton to one of the most hated very quickly.

In a tag team match with KC Navarro at PPW Juiced, Pratt snapped on his partner after the match was over, pounding away at the young star with no mercy. The Prince of Camden showed no remorse for his actions, and it all started with KC trying to do an impressive move to show Pratt that he could keep of with the veteran. Pratt, however, appeared to take it as The Skyreaper trying to one up him.

With that in the rearview mirror, Pratt must now turn his anger and frustration to world renowned star Mecha Wolf.

Mecha Wolf has had matches in Puerto Rico, Japan, and Mexico, as well as stints in the WWE. The luchador is one of the most mesmerizing wrestlers alive, having garnered multiple match of the year candidates in his native Puerto Rico.

Wolf is known for his high flying antics and has a gorgeous 450 splash to boot. This is rather ironic as Desean Pratt can be seen typically finishing opponents off with a 450 splash as well.

Both men are similar builds and with similar wrestling styles, but each man brings his own advantages into the contest. Desean Pratt has wrestled in a Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling ring numerous times, while Mecha Wolf has the advantage of not having his mind preoccupied with someone else. Pratt is still not over what KC Navarro did to him in their contest, so it will be interesting to see if The Prince of Camden can turn his attention to the debuting Mecha Wolf.

If Pratt is not on his game like he usually is, Wolf will make a quick example out of Pratt. The match will prove to be a spectacular one if Pratt can focus on what he needs to, but only time will tell if The Prince of Camden will take the former WWE star as seriously as he should.

Will Pratt be able to fend of the distraction of KC Navarro? Or will Mecha Wolf come in and show why he is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in not only Puerto Rico, but in all of North America? Will KC Navarro look for revenge against Pratt during his match?

Find out all of this and more at Throwdown on 5th Street! The event will take place at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton at 7 pm on March 16th. Tickets are on sale now at


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