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Pratt, Navarro to Settle Issues at Super Show II

By: Mitchell Frantz

Desean Pratt is one angry man.

Constantly feeling disrespected despite major victories over Drago and KM in recent months, “The Prince of Camden” has turned his frustration to one man: KC Navarro.

It all started at PPW Juiced in February, when Pratt and Navarro teamed up to take on Anthony Gangone and Amazing Red. Constantly throughout the match, Pratt seemed disinterested in his teammate and in no rush to tag into the match. When Navarro was pinned, it appeared that Pratt was going to give "The Skyreaper" a hug and make amends before sweeping Navarro’s legs out from underneath him.

The assaults continued at the most recent show, PPW Throwdown on 5th Street in a classic triple threat match featuring Pratt, Navarro and current Impact X-Division Champion Rich Swann. The match is one of the front runners for match of the year already, and ended when Navarro hit Swann with a reverse frankensteiner.

After the match, Swann talked up Navarro and even called “The Skyreaper” a “future X-Division Champion” in a ringing endorsement. This did not sit well with Pratt, who was watching all of this go down from outside of the ring. Pratt proceeded to beat down on the match’s victor when Swann left the ring and continued until Swann chased Pratt off.

Now with both men’s stocks higher than they have ever been, KC Navarro and Desean Pratt meet in the ultimate grudge match to determine who is the better competitor.

For Desean Pratt, he feels as if he has been disrespected by Navarro, as Pratt was once in The Skyreaper’s shoes. Pratt was at one point that exciting young up and coming prospect who was pointed to as someone to watch in the future. With Navarro now in the position “The Prince of Camden” was in a few years ago, it appears unclear whether Pratt is envious of Navarro if he has his best intentions in mind and “The Skyreaper” simply does not listen to him.

For Navarro, who claims to have always looked up to Pratt, this grudge match is all about showing that he can keep up with “The Prince of Camden” and then some. With his idol constantly beating him down verbally and physically these past few months, Navarro looks to stand on his own two feet and stand up to the despised prince.

Will Pratt continue to show why he is one of the top talents in all of Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling? Or will KC Navarro get a much desired pinfall victory over Pratt in front of the Hazleton crowd? What advantages will both men try to find to take each other down? Can they top their performance from Throwdown on 5th Street?

Find out all these questions and more when PPW presents Super Show II! Also appearing at the show alongside all of your favorite PPW stars are Melina, Teddy Long, Gillberg, Simon Gotch and Disco Inferno! Tickets are available at Get yours today!


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