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SAMBO And Christina Marie Win In Main Event, Gain Momentum

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

The main event of this week’s episode of PPW High Voltage was the Punk Rock All Stars teaming up with PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie to take on the team of the Sambo Show and Adena Steele. The commentary team was more than happy to see Paul Bo return to his chair for the match. Phil Bravado simply put it, “Thank goodness Ryan Race’s loud mouth is out of here.” We found out very early on in this one that Steele and Marie were not afraid to hit the ropes with their male opponents. Steele began the match wanting to take on Marie, but she tagged in Drake Carter instead. Steele was able to get the better of Carter in their exchange as well as Shaun Cannon, when Cannon came into the matchup to try and save his partner.

Steele eventually tagged out to Syler Andrews of the Sambo Show, where the former TV Champ saw the bulk of the match. Andrews found himself the recipient of textbook tag team wrestling. All three of his opponents did a great job of keeping Andrews away from his team. However, Andrews hit a missile dropkick on Drake Carter that allowed him to find his partner Samuel Adams for the hot tag. Carter also found Shaun Cannon. Adams came into the match on fire and dominated Cannon before tagging out to Steele. She came into the match and immediately went to try and bring Christina Marie into the fray, although she was not the legal participant in the match. This proved to be the downfall for Steele and her team.

The match then broke down and saw both teams fighting each other, with the referee unable to keep them in their corners. The Punk Rock All Stars knocked the Sambo Show to the outside before hitting Steele with a big, double team move. This allowed for Christina Marie “like a vulture” as Paul Bo put it on commentary to tag into the match and arrogantly pin Steele with a foot to the chest and pick up the 1,2,3.

We will see if Adena Steele is able to get revenge on Christina Marie after the cheap pin fall. With the win, we will see if the former PPW Tag Team Champions Punk Rock All Stars can continue their quest to try and regain the titles.


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