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Rembrandt Enters PPW Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

"The Starving Artist" Rembrandt is starving for gold, and the Resolution Rumble may be the best way to satisfy his cravings!

After suffering a scary injury at PPW Resistance in December, Rembrandt has shaken off the injury and is now cleared to compete in the Rumble.

Rembrandt wants to prove to the world that he is way more more an artist, but also a highly skilled competitor. Despite his injury, Rembrandt was still able to fight through the pain in his last contest. Even though the PPW Nation does not like their local artist, they have to respect his determination to keep fighting despite serious injury.

Will Rembrandt paint his way to victory?

Find out as PPW presents Resolution! Also appearing alongside your favorite PPW stars are Billy Gunn and The Brooklyn Brawler! Tickets are available at!


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