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Rembrandt’s Championship Opportunity Now Scramble Match

By: Mitchell Frantz

After General Manager Freddy Ackers looked over the matchup to determine the number one contender to Isaak Ruhl’s No Limits Championship, it was determined that the winner of that match, Rembrandt, blatantly cheated his way to a victory. Rembrandt utilized a low blow as well as had his valet, Cosmic, get involved in the matchup, hitting Chris Slade with a Michinoku Driver that would ultimately win the match for “The Starving Artist.”

Considering these circumstances, alongside the fact that historically the championship has been defended exclusively in multiperson contests, Ackers made the decision to have Rembrandt not be the only man to have a crack at Ruhl for the gold. Included in the match will be four other competitors: Ben Ruten, Brad DeMaio, Chris Slade and Elijah Eden.

Rembrandt has been extremely vocal on social media platforms, especially Instagram and Twitter, voicing his displeasure about his number one contender opportunity not being announced. Rembrandt is almost certain to take major exception to this announcement.

Despite being champion since October of 2019, this is actually Ruhl’s first championship defense. “Relentless” has been able to manipulate the system in his favor, but his run of dodging opponents is coming to an end on July 17th.

Slade has a chance to earn the gold after having an opportunity to do so robbed from him courtesy of the aforementioned Rembrandt. Combining a dizzying array of aerial maneuvers as well as precise strikes, “The Picture Perfect Assassin” looks to become the next No Limits Champion.

Ben Ruten was also involved in the number one contender’s match last month at “Let It Roll” in what was his PPW debut. With a love of fashion and inflicting pain, Ruten is certainly no pushover. “The Deranged Influencer” has great size and is willing to do whatever to whoever to become champion.

Elijah Eden is a very dark person, coming out to the ring wearing a mask and always looking to hurt anybody. His physicality and edge may be just enough to win him the PPW No Limits Championship in a match as unpredictable as a scramble.

Brad DeMaio was last seen in PPW at “Brawl in the Mall” in Scranton in August 2019 as one half of the Diamond City War Machines, losing to now PPW Tag Team Champions The Sambo Show. While DCWM still team together, DeMaio will go at it alone to try and win his first championship in PPW.

Will Ruhl be able to retain his gold? Or will one of the other 5 competitors win their first championship in PPW?

Find out on Sunday, July 17th when PPW presents "Let It Roll"! Set to appear and be in action are Gangrel, The Librarian Leva Bates, Victoria and Drama King Matt Morris! Also set to appear are Facade, Dani Mo, Afa Jr.,PPW Tag Team Champions The Sambo Show, PPW Television Champion Andy Header, PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie, Desean Pratt, Breaux Keller, Rembrandt with Cosmic, Joey Martinez, Mr. James, Foxx Vinyer, Nolo Kitano and more! Tickets are available now at and are going fast, so get yours today! The front row is already sold out. Let It Roll will take place at the Signature Training Academy in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania.


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