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Rembrandt to Face Viral Sensation Leroy Green

By: Mitchell Frantz

Many kids nowadays are obsessed with video games. Sometimes, kids just cannot seem to put the controller down and face the world. Leroy Green on the other hand is able to do both.

“Big Game Leroy” recently went viral for playing Super Smash Bros on his Nintendo Switch while pulling off impressive wrestling moves such as dropkicks and hurricaranas. The fame, coupled with a recent match at Evolve, has the video-game loving competitor’s stock certainly on the rise.

At PPW Full Moon, he will have to put down the Switch and focus on his opponent at the event, Rembrandt Lewis.

Lewis, who usually teams with Toasty Tomm as one half of the Sons of Dogtown in PPW, has begun to embrace his artistic side heavily as of late. Littered on his Instagram account are images of different artwork and photographers, as well as seductive pictures of himself. The self proclaimed “sex symbol” will head into PPW Full Moon without his usual partner, but will certainly be looking to turn heads both in front of the curtain and behind it.

Will the Leroy Green hype train roll through Rembrandt Lewis at Full Moon? Or will the artistic competitor prove that he is more than a tag team specialist by knocking off one of independent wrestling scene’s brightest stars? Will Big Game Leroy look up from his Switch at all during the match?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more as PPW presents Full Moon on October 19th at 7 PM at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton, PA! Also set to appear are PPW Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries, PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran, PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie, PPW Tag Team Champions Sent 2 Slaughter, “The Spectacle” Clutch Adams, South Philly’s Finest, the Mane Event and plenty of others! Tickets are available now at Order yours today!


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