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Rumble will Determine Next Tag Team Champions

By: Mitchell Frantz

Let’s get ready to rumble!

After Freddy Ackers stripped South Philly’s Finest of the PPW Tag Team Championships at PPW Aftermath due to the table breaking because of the legs giving out and not because of an impact forcing the table to break, the Assistant General Manager has decided to hold a rumble in order to declare the new tag team champions.

Teams from all over the country have began contacting PPW for a spot in the match, with competitors far and wide realizing the prestige and history that comes with the tag team championships.

The official rules for the contest are as follows:

-Both members of a team must be eliminated, not just one

-Both feet must touch the floor to get eliminated

-Must be eliminated by going over the top rope

-At least one representative of a team must be in the ring to win

Teams have yet to be announced, so stay tuned to see which duos make the trip to Hazleton to compete for the gold! Tickets for Destiny are available at! Bell time is at 7 PM, and the meet and greets for Mercedes Martinez, TJP, and Summer Rae begin at 5 PM!

We cannot wait to see you there, PPW Nation!


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