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Sam Adams Earns Championship Opportunity with Huge Win

By: Nick Uliana

On February 16th, the stage was set for a match that would serve as desert for the 5-star meal that was PPW Juiced.

The match was a triple threat match that would determine the #1 contender for the PPW Heavyweight Championship.

In the dictionary contender is defined as the following, “a person or group competing with others to achieve something.”

The person or group, in this case were three competitors, Evander James, Samuel Adams and Juventud Guerrera. All three competitors have a wealth of experience, Juventud Guerrera has traveled the world competing in ECW, WCW and WWE. Adams and James have been mainstay PPW competitors both deserving a shot at becoming PPW Heavyweight Champion once again.

The match left nothing to be desired, as James and Adams showed why they have been at the top of the Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling

roster. Juvi had the crowd thinking it was a 1997 WCW show, displaying what has made him a sought after performer the world over despite his age.

The match would ultimately see Adams score a pin on Evander James on the outside of the ring to secure the victory and the position of #1 contender for the PPW Heavyweight Championship.

Although the final bell had sounded, the activity in the ring area was far from over. After the match had concluded, James entered the ring, upon being offered a handshake by Guerrera, he returned the favor by spitting in the face of the former Cruiserweight Champion. James would leave to a chorus of boos after the shameful act of disrespect.

Samuel Adams would have different reaction to the outcome of the match. Adams entered the crowd, starting a “YES!” chant, much to delight of PPW nation, who was excited to celebrate the victory with Mr. Good Luck.

Evander James will go back to drawing board and attempt to get back on track for the rest of 2019.

Samuel Adams, however, will take on PPW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr at PPW Throwdown on 5th Street. After scratching and clawing to earn this championship opportunity by doing things the right way, Adams has seen his hard work pay off with a one-on-one match with the champion. Only time will tell if Adams can become a two-time PPW Heavyweight Champion, or if Carr will continue his reign of terror in Hazleton.


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