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Sam Adams Earns Huge Opportunity Against Champion Carr

By: Mitchell Frantz

Samuel Adams has had quite a career in PPW.

Mr. Good Luck throughout most of the time with the company was a despised villain, using underhanded tactics to pick up victories over major names in the industry such as Petey Williams, James Ellsworth and Nunzio. He was also able to win the PPW Heavyweight Championship, defeating Havoc back in 2016.

While Mr. Good Luck has not had the best history with the fans, that has certainly changed in previous months, starting with when he dropped his former manager, Diablo Rojo, at PPW’s 5th Anniversary show in September.

Adams has been scratching and clawing to try and do things the right way in Hazleton but it has been met with mixed results leading into Juiced.

He did pick up a major victory over Dante Caballero at Trust No One in October, but followed that up with a loss for the X-Division Championship to Brian Cage in November (in a fatal 4 way match that also featured Desean Pratt and KC Navarro) as well as a double disqualification with Cody Vance when Sean Carr interfered in December.

Then, last month at New Beginnings, Adams was one of the men who was involved in the 6-man ladder match for Carr’s PPW Heavyweight Championship. While Carr would go on to win that match, Mr. Good Luck left enough of an impression to PPW management to give him one final crack at earning the right to face Carr in an one-on-one match.

When the opportunity presented itself, Adams knew exactly what we had to do, despite the challenges that lied ahead of him. Adams was able to overcome both former PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James and former Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera.

Now, Adams gets that one-on-one opportunity with the PPW Heavyweight Champion that he has been longing for since he lost the championship. Will Adams make his good intentions turn into championship gold? Or will Sean Carr use new bodyguard Lamar Haskins to score him another victory?

Find out on March 16th as Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents Throwdown on 5th Street! Tickets are available now at

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