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Sambo Show Face First Test in Titan Outlaws

By: Mitchell Frantz

The Sambo Show just won the PPW Tag Team Championships on June 12th at “The Return,” but on July 17th at “Let It Roll,” they will defend the gold for the first time. Their opponents? Bo Nekoda and Bull Hightower, known collectively as The Titan Outlaws.

The Outlaws individually have had success in PPW, with Nekoda being a former PPW Tag Team Champion as part of the Appalachian Outlaws while Bull had a reign with the PPW No Limits Championship. The two began tagging not long before the pandemic struck, halting the momentum the team was building.

They get an opportunity to make an immediate impact in their first match back as a team, taking on the champions with the gold on the line.

Speaking of the champions, Syler Andrews and Samuel Adams have been scratching and clawing for nearly two years to get their hands on the gold. Also achieving individual success on their own, the two best friends were finally able to become champions in a match along with The Ascension, The Mane Event and South Philly’s Finest.

Now that they are the hunted and not the hunters, “El Lobo” and “Mr. Good Luck” will have their work cut out for them.

Will The Sambo Show be successful in their first title defense? Or will The Titan Outlaws spoil their reign before it ever gets off the ground?

Find out on Sunday, July 17th when PPW presents "Let It Roll"! Set to appear and be in action are Gangrel, The Librarian Leva Bates, Victoria and Drama King Matt Morris! Also set to appear are Facade, Dani Mo, Afa Jr., PPW Women's Champion Christina Marie, PPW Television Champion Andy Header, PPW No Limits Champion Isaak Ruhl, Desean Pratt, Breaux Keller, Rembrandt with Cosmic, Joey Martinez, Mr. James, Foxx Vinyer, Nolo Kitano, Chris Slade and more! Tickets are available now at and are going fast, so get yours today! The front row is already sold out. Let It Roll will take place at the Signature Training Academy in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania.


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