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Sambo Show Find Themselves in the PPW Resolution Rumble

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Coming off a big win at PPW Resistance over the debuting JJ Adams and Chris Banks, Sambo Show is looking to make a big splash in the upcoming rumble at PPW Resolution on Jan. 25. Syler Andrews and Sam Adams will take a break from chasing The Mane Event for the PPW Tag Team Championships that have eluded them to this point in their PPW careers.

Not only will they be in the rumble, they will team up with WWE legend Billy Gunn, who knows a thing or two about tag team wrestling himself to take on Chris Banks and the Punk Rock All Stars.

Don’t count Adams and Andrews out of the rumble though, these two men are no stranger to gold in PPW. Sam Adams had a three-month run with the PPW Heavyweight Championship back in late 2016 into early 2017 while Syler Andrews held onto the PPW Television Championship for about two months in late 2018. These two men have shown that they can bring it both as a tag-team and as singles competitors.

We will see if either Andrews or Adams can earn themselves a shot at the PPW Heavyweight Championship in April at PPW Super Show 3.

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