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Slade, Lee Issues Heightened After Being Forced to Team

By: B.P. Burke

At first glance, the decision to pair up Brando Lee and Chris Slade at PPW Lives was an odd one. After all, the prior meeting between the two ended in controversial fashion, thanks to a Chris Slade low blow. However, recognizing the talent both wrestlers undoubtedly possess, management was hopeful that an opportunity to be two-thirds of the first-ever PPW Trios Champions would be enough for the two to set their differences aside and unite to realize their full potential.

Sometimes, though, that first glance shows you everything you need to see.

Lee and Slade were faring remarkably well against two of the top teams in PPW in the form of South Philly’s Finest and Primal Fear, when a Slade superkick precision-placed onto Lee’s jaw ended the night and secure the win for the savvy veterans from Philadelphia, It also removed all doubt that the tension between Slade and Lee has reached its boiling point.

“It’s time to stop the stupidity,” an incensed Brando Lee said, still angry over PPW’s decision to pair him with his rival. “Chris Slade and I hate each other.” Lee also challenged Slade to a match at PPW Remembrance, but Slade has neither accepted nor declined the offer at this time and has yet to officially sign on to appear at the event.

For his part, Slade’s justification for his actions was a feeling that in his brief absence from PPW, he’d been “replaced” by Brando Lee. The former No Limits Champion has seemingly identified Brando as a threat and his repeated attacks on the popular high flyer have certainly put the two on a collision course.

And it isn’t hard to see Slade’s point of view, even if you disagree with his tactics. Brando Lee has endeared himself to PPW Nation in a relatively short amount of time. Up until his recent attitude change, Slade was certainly well-liked and respected as well, but like so many before him, he has decided that waiting to be recognized for his incredible in-ring skills alone wasn’t the path he wanted to take. And surely, everyone is talking about Chris Slade coming out of PPW Lives, so mission accomplished on that front.

Perhaps Slade had to look no farther than the path traveled by his most fierce rival in the past: Rembrandt. Rembrandt made Slade’s life a living hell through most of 2022 - including a horrific scene where The Artist abducted Slade’s manager. In the year-plus since, Rembrandt has become one of the more popular stars in all of PPW, and it’s hard to imagine that fact not making it easier for Slade to disregard the will of the crowd when deciding his path forward.

At times in professional wrestling, it becomes clear that a personal issue between two fighters grows so deep. Clearly, Slade and Lee are there now.

Whether it’s at Remembrance or a date in the future, these two WILL face off one-on-one in a PPW ring, and it’s a showdown you’re not going to want to miss.


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