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South Philly's Finest and Arrogance of Excellence Set for PPW Juiced

By Scott Fineout

The frustration of losing to outside interference or cheap tactics is frustrating for any competitor. The sting of knowing that a match you could have won was otherwise taken from you by someone who wasn't as good or didn't want to work as hard. Ethics aside, the act of getting cheated will grow an extreme frustration that pours the worst out of anyone.

For South Philly's Finest they've had a year of dealing with the Punk Rock All Stars and their tactics. From the hairspray that was put into Jimmy Konway's eyes as he was about to make Drake Carter submit, or the low blow that Drake Carter gave Luca Brazzi earlier this year- South Philly's Finest have had it.

For Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi, they bring that frustration to the ring at PPW Juiced against the very latest team to cheat them out of a victory.- the Arrogance of Excellence. The team of Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams seemed like an unlikely one only a few months away, but with Moran joining Undeniable him and Clutch seemed to get along almost immediately.

At the PPW and Impact Wrestling One Night Only show in January, it was Adams' stablemate Miranda Vionette who was able to insert herself into the match and use South Philly's baseball bat against them en route to them picking up the victory and the PPW Tag Team Championship.

Will South Philly make Moran and Adams pay for their deed, or will the Arrogance of Excellence escape still holding the PPW Tag Team Championship gold? Find out at PPW Juiced, February 16th.

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