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SPF Have Entered Names Into Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

The most decorated team in PPW history, South Philly’s Finest have entered their names into the Rumble for a number one contender’s opportunity at Resolution.

Luca Brazzi in particular has developed into not only a tag team specialist, but a Rumble specialist as well. “The Line” won the Storm Front Rumble, the first rumble in PPW history, back in 2014, and was also one of the final three men remaining in the Tag Team Rumble this past July. The Storm Front Rumble set Brazzi up for his first ever PPW Heavyweight Championship match. Even though the smaller member of SPF was unsuccessful in that contest, Brazzi proved to the PPW Nation that he is way more than just a tag team competitor.

Jimmy Konway is no stranger to Rumble matches as well, although he has not had the same success as his partner. “The Gent” is planning on becoming a first time rumble winner, adding another notch to his already ridiculous resume. The 6-time PPW Tag Team Champion, similarly to Brazzi, is itching to prove he is more than a tag specialist as well.

While the two are the bestest of friends, imagine the two of them being the final two. Would the two duke it out? Or will the decorated duo have a strategy up their sleeve for this scenario?

Find out on Saturday, January 25th at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton when PPW presents Resolution! Also set to appear are Billy Gunn, The Brooklyn Brawler, PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams, Facade, PPW Women's Champion Christina Marie, PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran, Charles Mason, Dani Mo, Adena Steele, PPW Tag Team Champions The Mane Event, Breaux Keller, Desean Pratt, The Sambo Show and more! Tickets are available now at!


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