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SPF Robbed; Arrogance of Excellence Wins PPW Tag Team Championships

By: Mitchell Frantz

It was a mixture of luck, skill and excellent gameplanning, but Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams, known collectively as the Arrogance of Excellence, were able to knock off 5-time PPW Tag Team Champions South Philly’s Finest.

Before the match even began, Moran and Adams were able to get into the heads of Luca Brazzi and Jimmy Konway. As SPF were going for their typical baby powder routine, Clutch Adams snatched the container from right out of Brazzi’s hands. While it may seem insignificant, the tone was set for the rest of the match.

AoE had Undeniable stablemate Miranda Vionette at ringside with them, which proved to be a key factor in the contest. After Ryan Race got thrown out of the matchup, Miranda was able to clock Jimmy Konway in the back of the head with his own baseball bat. This allowed for Moran and Adams to pick up the remains and finish The Gent off and score the victory.

For Moran, this is his first championship victory since he lost the PPW No Limits Championship at PPW Shootout in July of 2018. For Clutch Adams, he was also a champion last at PPW Shootout, losing his PPW Television Championship to Syler Andrews on that night.

With the controversial ending to what was otherwise a great match, it would seem that South Philly’s Finest will want to cash their rematch in as soon as possible. While the Arrogance of Excellence can celebrate for now with their Undeniable stablemates, SPF will certainly be coming after them in the near future.


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