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SPF to Settle Issues with The Sambo Show

By: Mitchell Frantz

At PPW Full Moon in October, South Philly’s Finest squared off with then PPW Tag Team Champions Sent 2 Slaughter in a street fight. Unfortunately for SPF, they were unsuccessful in the matchup.

Backstage, meanwhile, the fellow tag teams had struck up a backup plan in case the wise guys from South Philly were unable to defeat S2S.

After the street fight that Sent 2 Slaughter won, they continued their beatdown of Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi after the bell. The first team to come out to SPF’s aid were The Sambo Show, and after them, was the Punk Rock All Stars.

Those two teams beat down of Sent 2 Slaughter, an opportunity that The Mane Event took full advantage of. “The Circus Warriors” came sprinting to the ring and cashed in their Golden Ticket briefcase on a prone Shawn Donavan. Three seconds later, and the Mane Event claimed their first PPW Tag Team Championships.

An irate South Philly’s Finest came backstage looking for the people who orchestrated this Plan B. They were so upset because in their eyes, the fellow tag teams did not have any faith in them to pick up the victory over the overbearing Sent 2 Slaughter.

Much to SPF’s surprise, The Sambo Show was the team who came up with the idea of implementing a backup plan, not SPF’s longtime rival the Punk Rock All Stars.

With October still fresh in their minds, will the duo from South Philly manage to pick up a measure of revenge over The Sambo Show? Or will Syler Andrews and Samuel Adams prove why they are one of the top up-and-coming tag teams on the independent scene today?

Find out on Saturday, December 21st when PPW presents Resistance! Also set to appear are ECW legend The Blue Meanie, former Ring of Honor star Veda Scott, PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams, “The Neon Ninja” Facade, Dani Mo, PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran, PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie, PPW Tag Team Champions The Mane Event, Sebastian Cage, KC Navarro and more! Tickets are available now at!


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