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Steel-Bates Faceoff Will Determine The Face and Future of PPW’s Women’s Division

By B.P. Burke

A short time ago, PPW’s women’s division was in a state of flux and turmoil. Several longtime fixtures departed, and the champion, Tasha Steelz, was so burdened with commitments to national and international promotions, that PPW management had no choice but to vacate the championship.

It was in that match for the vacant title that PPW would find the stabilizing force that would right the course of a division that had lost its way. Many in the PPW Nation thought that stabilizing force would come in the form of the most beloved member of the women’s roster- (and one of the most beloved in all of PPW - Dani Mo. A returning Miranda Vionette had other plans, however, and staked her claim as one of the all-time greats in the division by becoming a 2-time Women’s Champion.

And as champion, Vionette was able to stay on top as the division was rebuilt, and rebuilt it was. We’ve seen a healthy mix of up-and comers and national stars. All the while, Dani Mo has always found a way to remain in the mix, but it was former NXT and AEW Star Leva Bates that would wind up dethroning the champion.

When reached for comment shortly after her victory, Bates was understandably jubilant, but she was also well aware of the burden the title-hold. “This means a lot to me,” Bates said when approached for a statement after her title win at PPW 100. “[PPW] believes in me. I believe in this place. The fans believe in me, and I’m going to do this right. I’m going to bring honor to this championship.”

Vionette’s comments after losing aren’t suitable for reprinting. The furious ex-champion’s non-family friendly outburst post-match was largely centered around the fact that she’d lost the title without being pinned. At Sons of Liberty, Bates’ actions spoke louder than her words as she defeated Vionette and left no doubt that she was the rightful title holder.

And no one in the Slatington Expo Center was paying more attention to the one-on-one showdown between current and former champion than “The Real Deal” Zayda Steel, who was about an hour removed from earning a title shot against the winner - a shot that meant all the more to Steel given that her actions in the six-way contest where Bates won the title were instrumental in the current champion’s title win.

With PPW’s huge anniversary show looming in September, this match will determine who enters that historic event with the title strapped around their waist. Leva Bates has already made it to the big time and has proven with her success in PPW that she’s still one of the top women’s wrestlers in the world today. Bates is proudly the  present face of the PPW Women’s Division, and on August 12th, she’ll stand across the ring from Zayda Steel, a phenomenal young talent considered by many to be the division’s future.

Is the future now? That’ll be determined at Badlands.


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