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Steele Faces Storm in First Defense

By: Mitchell Frantz

Adena Steele is the newly-crowned PPW Women’s Champion, but will put her title up for grabs right away when she faces JC Storm!

Adena Steele entered last month’s triple threat Women’s Championship match completely unannounced before the show, as the originally scheduled triple threat match was changed to a fatal-4-way. This was announced by PPW General Manager Freddy Ackers, who announced Steele as a late entrant.

The other 3 competitors, then-champion Christina Marie, The Notorious Mimi and JC Storm were caught off guard by the announcement, and Steele was able to eventually pick up the victory.

Storm in particular was incensed at Adena’s inclusion, and demanded an opportunity for the gold. She will be granted the opportunity on August 14th in what is surely the biggest match in her young PPW career.

For Adena, the championship victory is a culmination of years of climbing to the mountaintop in PPW, as she has been so close on numerous occasions, only to come up short. On that fateful night in July however, she was finally able to achieve her goal of becoming champion in PPW over 2 years after her debut.

Storm is looking to play spoiler to the feel good story of the Scranton native, as the highly skilled JC is not here to make friends, just simply to win at whatever cost. She made that very clear on her first night in June, attacking both Christina Marie and Adena Steele, causing a double-disqualification in their PPW Women’s Championship match.

Will Adena be successful in her first title defense? Or will JC Storm weather the momentum of Adena and win the gold?

Find out on August 14th at the Signature Training Academy when PPW presents “Aerial Assault!” Scheduled to appear live in addition to these 2 includes AEW’s Brian Cage and Pres10 Vance of the Dark Order, former WWE stars Jillian Hall, Mojo Rawley and Afa Jr., MLW stars Davey Richards and KC Navarro, Mike Orlando, Allie Recks, PPW Television Champion Andy Header, PPW Tag Team Champions The Sambo Show, PW No Limits Champion Isaak Ruhl, “All Energy” Breaux Keller, Encore, “The Closer” Joey Martinez with Mr. Ruda, Mr. James, “Courageous” Christina Marie, Desean Pratt, The Mane Event, South Philly’s Finest and more! Bell time is scheduled for 7 PM, and meet and greets start at 5 PM. Tickets are available now at!


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