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PPWHV: “The Billionaire Playboy” Ruins Jason Gory’s PPW Debut

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

At the beginning of this week’s episode of PPW High Voltage, we heard from Tom Mitchell as he introduced us to the debuting Jason Gory. A clearly disturbed Mitchell was told by Gory that “If you don’t know who I am, you soon will” and that in his match tonight against Charles Mason, he “will continue my path to infect the world.”

As mentioned, it was Jason Gory’s PPW debut in front of the Honesdale faithful as he was taking on “The Billionaire Playboy” Charles Mason. The commentators were a bit creeped out by Gory’s interesting look and mannerisms before the match got underway. The match got off to a slow start as both men tried to gain the upper hand. Gory found this momentum with some quick offense before capping his flurry off with a head scissors takeover. The creepy Gory was able to scare Mason out of the ring before jumping on his back and biting his head.

Gory threw Mason back in the ring and went for a rollup pin, but Mason grabbed the momentum of the contest with a double-foot stomp and a suplex to pick up a two-count. Gory tried to fight his way back into the match with a few hard strikes, but Mason was able to weather the storm, eventually picking up a few more two-counts on Gory.

The match began to turn back into the favor of Gory when Mason had him up on the top rope for an attempted superplex. Gory was able to knock “The Billionaire Playboy” off the ropes, but Mason caught Gory with a running knee before a Gory superkick was followed by both men eating a foot to the face to knock both men down. Paul Bo with a great line on commentary, stating “Gory and Mason both give each other some free dental exams.” As both men found their way to their feet, Mason tried to hit a running strike on Gory in the corner, but Gory got out of the way and hit Mason with double knees to the face. He then Irish-whipped Mason to the other corner where he hit a clothesline and really started to pick up some steam.

Gory hit a step-up enzuigiri and a top-rope DDT for a very close two-count. Mason was able to take advantage of a Gory slip up after Jason tried to lead frog over Mason but was not able to do so as he planned and ate a kick to the back. Gory tried to use his legs to flip Mason over, but Charles hit Gory with a huge piledriver for a two-count.

As the match charged on, Gory found himself on the top rope going for a double-foot stomp to the chest of Mason, but Charles got out of the way. This allowed Mason to get Gory on his back, where he hit a big piledriver, driving Gory’s head into the mat for the 1,2,3 and a big win. Gory put up a great fight in this match, as he was milliseconds away from the win on several occasions, but “The Billionaire Playboy” was able to just get the better of him in a great match.


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