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The Mane Event Enter the PPW Resolution Rumble

By Scott Fineout

When the prize is as big as a shot at the PPW Heavyweight Championship, even tag teams enter to see if they can fulfill their individual paths to the PPW Heavyweight Championship. Such is the case for the PPW Tag Team Champions the Mane Event. As first reported by Tornado Tag Podcast, Midas Black and Jay Lyon have officially entered the PPW Resolution Rumble.

The PPW Resolution Rumble will happen on January 25th in Hazleton and will feature a prize purse that is worth noting. The winner of the PPW Resolution Rumble will advance to April and Super Show 3 where they will get a PPW Heavyweight Championship match against whoever the PPW Champion is at the time.

Midas Black and Jay Lyon are great as a team, but with Midas black clearly giving the direction of the team, it'll be interesting to see how Jay Lyon fairs. Lyon is in a unique position of having to fend for himself and his partner Midas Black becomes just another enemy. It'll be interesting to see how the team helps one another and if it comes to this point – who turns on who?

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