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The Six Month Catchup

So...that went fast.

Six months into the PPW calendar already and we have a ton to look back on. If you're new to PPW this will be a great chance for you to catch up on what we've been up to in the past six months, while at the same time allowing our diehard fans a chance to relive moments that they'd probably seen live in Hazleton. Whatever side of the pool you fall into, we hope you enjoy our look back and can't wait to create more moments in the second part of 2019!!

January 2019 - PPW / Impact Wrestling: One Night Only: New Beginnings

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling teamed up with Impact Wrestling for the first time and made history to present One Night Only: New Beginnings. The event took place at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton, Pennsylvania and was held on January 26th, 2019.

The night was filled with plenty of fantastic wrestling. The 6-man ladder match was a beautiful car crash that saw Mike Orlando grab the PPW Heavyweight Championship but it slipped through his hands to a waiting Sean Carr who was trapped underneath the ladder.

The X-Division and Impact Heavyweight Championships were also up for grabs, which Rich Swann and Johnny Impact, respectively, won.

The show was a smashing success from both companies perspective and along with one of the biggest attendance marks for PPW at the Holy Family Gym, also provided a great base of momentum to start the 2019 year.

February 2019 - PPW Juiced

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling came off the heels of a fantastic show in January to present Juiced. The event had big shoes to follow, but with worldwide stars such as Juventud Guerrera, Brian Pillman Jr., Veda Scott and Amazing Red all making the trip to Hazleton, the show was certainly one to remember.

Sean Carr continued his reign of terror over PPW, defeating Brian Pillman Jr. with the help of his new bodyguard Lamar Hawkins.

Veda Scott came to the Holy Family Academy with every intention of leaving as the PPW Women's Champion, but Christina Marie had other plans. Marie was able to defeat the former Ring of Honor home star and send her home disgruntled.

South Philly's Finest got robbed for the second consecutive month by a referee, but this time it was none other than TJ Masters who ruined the group's chances at becoming 6-time PPW Tag Team Champions.

Elsewhere on the card, Charles Mason became the new PPW No Limits Champion after an exciting rumble match and Sam Adams picked up a major victory over Evander James and Juventud Guerrera.

March 2019 - PPW Throwdown on 5th Street

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling stormed into the Holy Family Academy on March 16th, 2019 to present Throwdown on 5th Street. The throwdown between commentators E. Julius Keiper and Phil Bravado never took place, but plenty of entertaining wrestling more than made up for that.

Mercedes Martinez was a late addition to the card, and all she did was show up in the main event and tap out Christina Marie to become the new PPW Women's Champion.

Rich Swann and KC Navarro were suppose to wrestle a singles match, but Desean Pratt was added as a late addition. This did not bother Navarro one bit, as "The Skyreaper" pinned Swann and received a massive endorsement from the Impact X Division Champion after the match.

Elsewhere, Sean Carr retained the PPW Heavyweight Championship against Sam Adams in a great match pictured to the left here, and SPF became the new number one contenders to the PPW Tag Team Championships.

April 2019 - PPW Super Show 2

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling stormed into the Holy Family Academy on April 27th, 2019 to present Super Show II. The show proved to indeed be super, with plenty of championships changing hands and an unreal amount of stars who came out to give the PPW Nation a night of wrestling that they will never forget.

Four championships were defended but only No Limits Champion Charles Mason was able to retain his gold at the end of the night. Sean Carr lost the PPW Heavyweight Championship to Evander James, the Arrogance of Excellence lost the PPW Tag Team Championships to South Philly's Finest (which is their sixth championship reign in PPW history), and John Wes lost the PPW Television Championship to Jason King.

Elsewhere, Melina and Disco Inferno led their team to victory in a 10-man tag team match, Gillberg defeated Andy Header after spearing Ryan Race, and Desean Pratt became the new Golden Ticket Briefcase holder in the night's main event.

May 2019 - PPW Aftermath

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling returned to the Holy Family Academy after 3 short weeks to present Aftermath. The Aftermath from Super Show II was felt throughout the evening with plenty of major moments throughout the night.

Assistant General Manager Freddy Ackers kicked off the show with a controversial decision, stripping SPF of the Tag Team Championships and declaring the gold vacant. SPF got some revenge later in the night when they teamed up with former WWE star MVP and defeated the Arrogance of Excellence and Adam Chandler The Great.

Elsewhere, Foxx Vinyer became the new No Limits Champion and Evander James retained against "Mr. Golden Opportunity" Desean Pratt, Sam Adams and 2 Cold Scorpio.  Also, D3 returned for the first time in a long while in a losing effort to Australian star JXT and Brandon Scott returned as well in a losing effort to Laszlo Arpad. Additionally, MLW's The Dynasty and the Mane Event had an excellent bout that didn't see a winner be declared and Christina Marie turned her back on the PPW Nation, destroying Adena Steele after her loss to Edna Pinheart.

A half-year of PPW and we're just getting started!!


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