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The Sons of Dogtown to Debut this Saturday

By: Mitchell Frantz

A new team is set to debut at PPW Aftermath, as The Sons of Dogtown look to make their mark in Hazleton!

The team consists of Rembrandt Lewis and Toasty Tomm. Both men were trained by world traveled star Amazing Red.

Lewis is the more intense one of the group. All of his moves seem to have an intense and angry nature behind them. Tomm on the other hand is the duo’s wild child, and has a move set that reflects that. To finish opponents off, they have a wicked Razor’s Edge/Codebreaker combination that knocks any opponent out.

The Dogtown natives have made their mark in House of Glory, as they are members of Anthony Gangone’s House of Gangone stable that has run roughshod over the New York City-based promotion.

As far as what the PPW Nation needs to know about the group, the duo left only this ominous quote: “We’ve been silent for too long, but you can’t change the sound of silence.”

To see The Sons of Dogtown in action doing what they do best, as well as all of your favorite PPW stars, come out to see PPW Aftermath this Saturday, May 18th at Holy Family Academy at 7 PM! Tickets for the show and the meet and greet are available now at!


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